Innovation in well work over gets ABS approval

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 — A cantilever system developed by Abu Dhabi based Gulf Marine Services (GMS) has received ABS design approval and certification.

Installed on the self-elevating support vessel (SESV) GMS Evolution, delivered in May 2017, the small removable skidding cantilever system, carries a well work over unit (WOU) designed in partnership with Dwellop A.S. The novel removable cantilever system provides an efficient and versatile vessel for well services, according to GMS.

“Innovation and cutting edge technology is a key aspect in driving efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility,” says ABS Middle East Regional Vice President Darren Leskoski. “As a technology leader, ABS is thrilled to be working with enterprising partners like GMS as it develops and launches assets with increasingly greater capabilities and flexibility. GMS Evolution represents a milestone for GMS in attaining innovative efficient solutions for well intervention and workover.”

The combination of a self-propelled jack-up with a removable cantilever and workover unit is not only the first to achieve ABS SEU certification, but also the first mobile offshore drilling unit of its kind in the industry and represents a state-of-the-art tool for well intervention. In addition to the WOU, which can be skidded over a platform or subsea well, GMS Evolution has a self-propelled speed of more than 8 knots, DP 2 positioning, accommodations for 150 personnel and multi cranes including one of 200 tonnes capacity.

“Our new cantilever system will give clients a range of options in the way they use our barges to service their offshore assets. This system offers cost-effective solutions for work that has traditionally been performed by more expensive non-propelled drilling rigs,” says GMS CEO Duncan Anderson. “This has opened up a new area of the market that had previously been predominantly served by drilling rigs, at a greater cost to operators. The new cantilever system will be able to replace them.”

GMS builds and operates its own fleet and has 14 SESVs, all of which are classed by ABS. GMS Evolution is the final vessel in a series of seven built to DP 2 GUSTO design

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