Incat Crowther to design 12 Fast Supply Vessels for Brazil

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ICA1108 ETP Engenharia Ltda. is to build 12 Incat Crowther designed fast supply vessels at its Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shipyard. Six of the 48 m monohull vessls will be owned by Baru Offshore Navegação, a subsidiary of Intertug S.A., and the other six FSVs will be owned by Senior Navegação. ETP Engenharia Ltda. has also recently delivered a pair of Incat Crowther 36 m monohull crewboats meeting the Petrobras P2 vessel specification.

The FSVs will be operated in Brazil for Petrobras and have been optimized to comply with the UT4000 Fast Supply Vessel specification.

Each of the Brazilian-flagged vessels will have an aft deck of 225 square meters, with an additional 30 square meters of cargo area inside the main deck cabin, allowing for the carriage of items out of the elements, such as food and other supplies.

The upper deck wheelhouse of each vessel will include an aft facing control station allowing for safe and efficient maneuvering.

Each vessel will be fitted with four 1,800 hp Cummins QSK 50 main engines that will drive four five-bladed, fixed-pitch propellers.  Two 150-hp eletric tunnel thrusters will provide each vessel with enhanced maneuverability.

Each vessel will have a fuel capacity of 40,000 liters, while it will carry a cargo fuel load of 90,000 liters. The vessels will also be able to carry 90,000 liters of cargo fresh water.

April 4, 2012

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