First of two ice-breaking supply vessels for Sovcomflot launched

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ArctechSupply-vessel340x255JULY 1, 2012—The first of two 99.9m multi-functional icebreaking supply vessels for Arctic operation was launched at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard on June 30. The hull assembly for sister vessel is expected to start in early July.

Arctech, a 50-50 joint venture between STX Finland Oy and Russian United  Shipbuilding Corp., is building the vessels for Russian shipping corporation Sovcomflot and they will supply the Arkutun-Dagi oil and gas field in Sakhalin area, in Far East Russia.

 “The building of the ships has proceeded as planned and the whole staff is employed in the projects. Also our third project, the building of icebreaking rescue vessel, has started at Yantar Shipyard in Kaliningrad, Russia. The hull will be shipped to Helsinki for outfitting and finalizing works in spring 2013,” says Esko Mustamäki, the Managing Director of Arctech Helsinki Shipyard.

The supply vessels are classed by Lloyd’s Register +100A1 Icebreaker, Offshore Tug/Supply, Fire-Fighting Ship 1 (Total monitor discharge capacity 2,400 m3/h) with water spray, WDL (5.0 tons/m2 aft to Fr. 68), RD (Brine 2.0t/m3), IWS*, Winterization H(-35) B (-35), +LMS, UMS, DP (AM), NAV, OIL RECOVERY, EP, ShipRight ACS(B).

EtuViistoVedosOperating in temperatures as low as -35 C degrees with heavy drifting ice conditions, each supply vessel will measure 99.9m x 21.7m and have a design draft of 7.6m. Each diese-electric vessel will have four engines generating total power of 18,000 kW and the propulsion power of 13,000 kW. The bollard pull is rated at more than 128 tonnes.

The main purpose for these vessels is to supply the gas production platform and to protect it from the ice. The icebreaking capability of the vessels is extremely high, they are able to operate independently in 1.7 meter thick ice. As multipurpose vessels, these vessels are capable of carrying various type of cargo and they are equipped for oil combating, fire fighting, and rescue operations. Each vessel will have a rescue capacity of 195 persons.

The launch of the first supply vessel, NB-506, was attended by the top management of the client Sovcomflot and Arctech. The ceremony was held according to old traditions and the vessel will be floated to outfitting dock during the weekend.

The first supply vessel will be delivered in December 2012.

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