Waller Marine expands leadership team and grows design portfolio

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JANUARY 25, 2019 — Houston headquartered Waller Marine Inc. (WMI) has finalized its restructuring with new financing and an expanded executive management team that plans to take the 45-year old company to a new level in marine design and construction contracting.

As part of its expansion, WMI has moved its headquarters into new 28,000 sq. ft facilities. While the company will maintain its naval architectural and consulting businesses it will also focus on expanding its leading position in the design and construction of Floating Power Plants (FPPs) and its small scale LNG distribution, storage and regasification systems including LNG bunkering.

WMI’s FPPs are currently the world’s largest simple cycle and combined cycle utility grade power plants. Now the company has expanded the range and capacity of its FPP designs to generating capacities up to 800 MW on a single barge hull. All of these designs are capable of receiving and burning LNG fuels.

Based on the success of its LNG bunkering design presently under construction for Q-LNG, WMI has expanded its portfolio to include ATB LNG bunkering vessels with a range of capacities up to 10,000 cu.m and small capacity LNG bunker and transport ships up to 20,000 cu.m.


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