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VIDEO: WinGD puts an Integrated Digital Expert on board ship

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JANUARY 25, 2018 — Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) has launched a new comprehensive, integrated system for creating value from engine and ship data. Called WiDE (WinGD Integrated Digital Expert) it allows the collection and analysis of ship and machinery data to proactively predict engine component malfunctions and offer support through live troubleshooting and diagnostic advice to the crew. This is done without the need of installing additional sensors.

WiDE collects data via the Data Collection Monitoring (DCM) unit which is now installed as standard on all new engines contracted as of January, 2018. DCM can also be retrofitted to older, electronically controlled engines already in operation.

WiDE is based on the DCM unit for collecting and visualizing the engine and ship data, as well as the Engine Diagnostic System (EDS) software. It analyzes the data and creates value and insight. These capabilities are integrated into a user-friendly, on-board system comprising state-of-the-art hardware, expert software and efficient data analytics techniques.

Carmelo Cartalemi, General Manager Business Development, WinGD, said: “WiDE forms part of WinGD’s digital solutions which enhance customer benefits. With WiDE we are able to utilize the power of the machinery data in combination with our engine expertise and advanced data analytic techniques. This allows us to support shipping companies during their day to day operations with valuable insight. We provide live troubleshooting support for engine performance, suggested maintenance and component replacement, reducing operational interruptions.”


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