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Wärtsilä and Royal Caribbean extend long term service agreement

Written by Nick Blenkey
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OCTOBER 4, 2018 — Wärtsilä and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. have extended a long term service agreement originally signed in 2013 to the year 2028.

Under the agreement, Wärtsilä is optimizing the cruise line’s maintenance efficiency through improved turbocharger maintenance, providing OEM spare parts, workshop services and preferred technical assistance for 46 Royal Caribbean Cruises’ ships.

Royal Caribbean’s key objective is to provide cruise customers with the best vacation experience and the reliability of the equipment installed on board its ships is of the utmost importance. The availability of Wärtsilä’s technical support at all times, everywhere in the world, helps ensure optimal operations for RCL’s vessels.

The partnership with Wärtsilä complements RCL’s in-house expertise with continuous improvement through various technical innovations and direct access to Wärtsilä’s technical expertise with continuous focus on safety and life cycle cost.

The new agreement between the two companies covers a total of 196 engines installed in 46 cruise ships, the majority of which sail in the Caribbean and Europe. The largest portion of RCL fleet of vessels is equipped with Wärtsilä’s condition monitoring technology, which transmits real-time information about engine condition to a Wärtsilä Expertise Center for analysis. This allows for predictive maintenance planning and optimization of operations.

“When it comes to maintenance planning and operations, the marine and cruise industry is moving more and more toward long-term partnerships,” says Sean Carey, Service Unit Director North America, Wärtsilä Services. “This is a natural direction, as it enables a holistic approach to vessel maintenance.”

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