VIDEO: Bilfinger reports rising orders for scrubbers

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Tanker equipped with Bilfinger scrubber

Germany’s Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies GmbH has booked scrubber contracts worth a total EUR 102 million (about $1.15 million) since it began transferring its power plant flue-gas desulfurization expertise to maritime applications around two years ago. The total number of ships to be fitted with Bilfinger scrubbers, with orders coming from German and Greek shipping companies in China.

“There is huge potential for environmental technologies, especially in the maritime sector,” says Bilfinger CEO Tom Blades. “Bilfinger has decades of expertise in flue-gas cleaning. This enables our customers to continue safely operating their vessels in what is becoming a stricter regulatory environment.”

To meet anticipated rising demand for scrubbers, Bilfinger says it is already taking a closer look at potential fabrication partners for flue-gas desulfurization systems in China.

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