VIDEO: AWO highlights industry commitment to sustainability

Written by Marine Log Staff
towboat with barges

Screen grab from AWO video

The American Waterways Operators (AWO) has produced a video highlighting the tugboat, towboat and barge industry’s commitment to, and progress toward, environmental sustainability.

The video features examples of how the industry is building on its natural advantages to do more to protect the environment. Leaders from Ingram Barge Company, Crowley Maritime Corporation, and Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. discuss their companies’ efforts to make their operations more environmentally sustainable, including: repowering vessels with more efficient engines; utilizing alternative fuels and electricity to power vessels; monitoring greenhouse gas emissions; and investing in the offshore wind market.

“We are proud that the domestic maritime industry has the lowest environmental footprint of all modes of freight transportation, but as the video notes, we’re committed to getting even better,” says AWO’s President & CEO Jennifer Carpenter. “Companies across our industry are investing in technologies and practices to continuously improve environmental performance, and we are pleased to share this video to draw attention to this important and ongoing work.”

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