US Watercraft licensed to build SeaArk Marine portfolio

Written by Marine Log Staff
Boat image

SeaArk Commander

Hubert, N.C., based US Watercraft reports that it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement to utilize the complete SeaArk Marine portfolio of commercial fire fighting, military, survey, and work boats.

Located on the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina, US Watercraft builds both steel and aluminum boats.

“The SeaArk Marine models will be the marquee products for US Watercraft,” says Randy Borges, managing director of US Watercraft. “We are excited to offer new builds of the highly respected and proven designs, as well as providing service to the many dedicated SeaArk Marine customers.”

“US Watercraft will be able to combine all the performance and durability of SeaArk Marine’s tremendous history with the most up-to-date technology and freshest techniques,” said former SeaArk Marine Company CEO John McClendon, “and the McClendon family will be thrilled to see these boats now built by US Watercraft back working on the water.”

SeaArk Marine is best known for its Dauntless and Commander series of aluminum fire and patrol vessels, both featuring the deep-v hull form developed by Ray Hunt Design. Additional excursion, cargo, and shallow-draft work boat models are also included in the agreement. The Hunt design office will consult with US Watercraft on engineering and design for all next-generation SeaArk Marine models.

The SeaArk Marine brand has a long history. From its beginnings as the MonArk Boat Company in 1959, the company developed over the years into separate commercial and recreational lines. The popular recreational brand SeaArk Boats remains a separate entity while the SeaArk Marine models will be sold exclusively under the US Watercraft brand.

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