Survitec unveils new emergency descent system

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Evacuator emergency descentsystem

U.K. headquartered safety equipment supplier Survitec has unveiled a new emergency descent system. Called Evacuator, it is designed to evacuate people in time-critical emergency situations at altitudes of 6 m to 300 m. It can be fire-proofed to 1,750°C for 30 minutes.

It is designed for use on all high-rise structures, including wind turbines, offshore substations, and harbor cranes.

The system is fully mechanical and does not require electricity or any other power to operate, guaranteeing its operational reliability in all circumstances. The descent is fully automatic at a controlled speed of one metre per second.

“The Evacuator is a world-class innovation in emergency response planning, simplifying evacuation in a panic situation,” said Ross Johnston, Head of Sales at Survitec. “It is ideal for installation on a variety of structures, including offshore wind turbines, high-rise offices, remote structures and cranes. The system has already been very well-received by operators looking to upgrade their existing turbines.”

The emergency descent system is installed using four or six bolts that connect it to a solid surface. It is very easy to use with a “click on and go” mechanism. Each steel cable allows for multiple people to descend at once, providing their combined weight does not exceed 282 kg.

The Evacuator is available in three off-the-shelf models. Selection is based on structure height at 50m, 140m and 300m. Survitec’s project team is also on hand to support bespoke design for new build and retrofit projects. A full suite of personal protective equipment (PPE) can be included in an Evacuation Chest alongside the Evacuator device to simplify and complete a safe escape.

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