Simsite pumps picked for Staten Island Ferry newbuilds

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Ollis Class Staten Island Ferry

Hoboken, N.J., headquartered Sims Pump Company reports that it has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to supply Simsite structural composite pumps for the series of three 320 ft Ollis Class ferries being built for Staten Island Ferry by Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Fla.

Sims Pump has previously manufactured Simsite structural composite pumps for Staten Island ferries as replacement upgrades for general service pumps and for fire pumps. Based on the excellent performance and service life of the Sims pumps, Staten Island Ferry made the decision to purchase Simsite pumps for its newbuilds.

The Sims pumps are unique because they are 100% precision machined on the inside as well as the outside as opposed to being cast, or molded, like standard pumps. This enables the rotating parts to have perfect balance (both mechanically and hydraulically for the life of the pump) eliminating shaft deflection, radial and axial movement, and balance related problems. This results in improved performance and efficiency, reduced operating and repair costs, and longer life.

Sims Pumps are designed and engineered so that the pump’s Best Efficiency Point (BEP) is the actual operating point in the system. The structural composite pumps never corrode in seawater , wastewater, river water, sewage, or chlorinated water, and are compatible with most chemicals.

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