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Private equity firm in majority recapitalization of Tideland Signal

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Tideland SignalJULY 10, 2012 — Houston based private equity investor Rock Hill Capital Group reports that it has closed on a majority recapitalization of Tideland Signal Corporation. Also based in Houston, Tideland is a major supplier of marine aids-to-navigation (AtoN) systems worldwide.

Tideland products and services include lanterns, buoys, radio aids, audible aids and related installation and repair services. Its products include rotationally molded polyethylene buoys, self-contained LED lanterns, conventional LED lanterns, range lights, fog signals, fog detectors, solar power systems, rotating beacons, Racons and customized remote monitoring systems. One area of substantial growth has been the company’s service business where it takes over the maintenance and repair of AtoN systems for coast guards, port authorities, and other governmental entities..

Randall B. Hale, Managing Director of Rock Hill stated, “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with the Tideland team and look forward to continuing the company’s growth.” Mr. Hale continued, “Tideland is poised to continue the expansion of its product and service capabilities throughout the world.”

“The management team at Tideland is very excited about the timing of Rock Hill’s investment. We are at a point in the company’s growth where significant funds are needed to take us to the next level in our strategic plan,” said Allen Mitchener, President of Tideland. “Rock Hill’s international experience and strong leadership team is exactly what we need to help guide our investment decisions and operational objectives over the coming years.”

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