Nigerian operator upgrades fast crew boat fuel monitoring to Fueltrax

Written by Nick Blenkey
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A major Nigerian vessel owner and operator of fast crew boats and security vessels has upgraded the onboard Electronic Fuel Monitoring Systems (EFMS) in two of its crewboats to Fueltrax, as its standards were not being met with a previous EFMS system.

Fueltrax says it is the preferred EFMS provider in the Gulf of Guinea thanks to its strong reputation as a highly reliable service provider.


The crew boat owner switched because it had experienced system failure and poor support from the manufacturer of its existing EFMS. In contrast, Fueltrax will provide fully remote support capabilities, with automated monitoring for anomalies or system interruption.

Fueltrax says it is the only EFMS system supplier capable of resolving support issues remotely.

“Oher EFMS technologies would have needed to dispatch a technician to resolve onboard issues, and in many cases having to do a full quarantine to come onboard the vessel—costing valuable time and money,” says Ruben DeLeon, Product Support Director at Fueltrax. “Our product is fundamentally built with the integrated ability to remotely tap into all our hardware, including our meters, to ensure we can monitor and maintain system functionality.”


Fueltrax, offers a cloud-based data and analytics service for all fuel activities onboard through a completely independent, closed-loop system. Along with smart monitoring and measurement, Fueltrax EFMS reduces costs and sets the standard for secure, compliant, optimized vessel performance, and fuel accountability.

“When the EFMS fails, the vessel is unable to do the job. A bad image was reflected on the vessel as a result,” says Bene Okorie, West Africa Operations Manager, Fueltrax. “This prompted the client’s decision to upgrade their EFMS to Fueltrax. Now, with a 99% uptime and 24/7 remote support, we are excited to welcome our new vessel owner to improve their fuel consumption and benefit from being a better steward for the environment, while also saving fuel spend onboard.”

Fueltrax helps vessel owners increase their fleet utilization and stay on contract by ensuring they have the tools and transparency to help theefficiency and CO2 targets as set by their clients, the charterers. The Fuelnet secure logistics web portal, will enable the Nigerian operator will gain access to more reliable and trustworthy data as a deliverable necessary to prove its performance key performance indicators (KPIs).

Fuelnet provides live updates of vessel location and vessel activities and reporting history, completely independent from AIS.

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