Marlink and Alpha Ori Technologies to offer integrated IoT services

Written by Nick Blenkey
MoU will see Marlink and AOT cooperate to bring vessel performance improvements

MoU will see Marlink and AOT cooperate to bring vessel performance improvements using AOT’s SMARTShip and Marlink’s BridgeLink platforms.

Satellite communications specialist Marlink has signed an MoU with Singapore-based maritime digital solutions provider Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT).

The aim is to support ship owners, managers and charterers in collecting data and using advanced analytics to improve vessel performance and monitor the health of onboard systems, using Marlink’s BridgeLink and AOT’s SMARTShip platform, and optimizing services for delivery via Marlink’s hybrid network, providing streamlined and secure delivery of data and resources..

SMARTShip is a digital platform that delivers real time analytics to increase operational efficiency. AOT’s goal is to provide insights that unlock investment opportunities to secure the most promising returns. Easy to use, it enables faster decision making in day-to-day operations.

BridgeLink is a solution that connects to any data-enabled equipment installed onboard ship, collecting data which is saved to the cloud for analysis by the client or third parties. By streamlining the data collection process from onboard systems it can support competitiveness by maximizing vessel availability.

Feedback collected by AOT and Marlink suggests that the vast majority of shipping companies will not hire IoT and data specialists or make investments on in-house IT infrastructure to capture the operational data they need; preferring to use off-the-shelf analytical apps that will provide insights and recommendations based on turning contextualized data into actionable information.

“The value of data to shipping’s digitalization and decarbonization process cannot be underestimated but not every shipowner has the resources to manage the capture of data or to turn this into performance information,” said Nicolas Furgé, president, digital, Marlink. “This partnership with AOT gives shipowners a platform that can manage both vessel operations and maintenance planning, helping to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.”

“It is imperative for shipowners and operators to leverage real time digital data and make decisions based on real time analytics and we see a sense of urgency and an upward trend in adoption driven by the sustainability agenda the maritime sector has embraced,” said Bala Sankaran, co-CEO, Alpha Ori Technologies. “This partnership with Marlink will help us in scaling and leveraging on Marlink’s data acquisition platform for a faster SaaS (software as a service) deployment.”

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