MAN Primeserv signs EMC agreement with German shipowner

Written by Nick Blenkey

Greiner TilmannMAY 6, 2013 — Dr. Tilmann Greiner, Head of MAN Diesel & Turbo’s PrimeServ Hamburg, hub says that an EMC (Engine Management Concept) signed with German shipowner  Rörd Braren “shows that this concept is finally about to gain a foothold in what is a difficult market.”

The agreement with Rörd Braren covers three ships from its German fleet and is the first EMC agreement signed by PrimeServ since, according to Dr. Greiner, “market activity ground to a halt back in 2008.”

MAN PrimeServ – MAN Diesel & Turbo’s after-sales service brand – recently agreed a closer, mutual cooperation between its Hamburg and Copenhagen hubs covering the EMC. The new arrangement between the two locations immediately bore fruit with Rörd Braren signing an agreement for the servicing of electronically controlled MAN B&W 6S40ME-B two-stroke prime movers aboard three ships. The EMC provides tailor-made service solutions, for all customers operating power plants or ships.

The closer cooperation between the two PrimeServ hubs means that customers can benefit from a substantially higher service level during the course of an EMC contract than any single PrimeServ service center would have been able to offer by itself.

In this respect, PrimeServ Copenhagen offers expertise within the area of electronically-controlled ME-B engines as well as a comprehensive understanding of maintenance, such as CBM (Condition Based Maintenance). Similarly, the Hamburg hub offers comprehensive know-how within the area of refurbishment at its expansive workshop facilities located close to Rörd Braren headquarters.

The EMC is a tailor-made service model that is customized to suit each individual customer’s special requirements. In Rörd Brarens’ case, the EMC agreement will boost the shipowner’s technical organization, enabling the company to increase its knowledge and improve its fleet’s productivity and availability.

MAN Diesel & Turbo describes the adoption of the EMC as “a paradigm change within maintenance as, traditionally, shipowners have taken care of maintenance themselves in what is generally a very conservative industry.”

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