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Magnetic robot eases underwater hull inspections

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Hull inspection with Utility Crawler

JUNE 5, 2017 — Kitchener, Ontario, based Deep Trekker Inc. has launched a submersible, magnetic robot that can be used to inspect ship’s hulls for contraband or to carry out a variety of tasks ranging from cleaning and removal of marine growth to retrieving ropes from underwater.

The Deep Trekker DT640 Utility Crawler was developed with military application in mind. Equipped with an HD camera and onboard battery, deployment of the three-wheeled vehicle is efficient and discrete, making the Utility Crawler ideal for identifying potential hazards in the water or on a vessel.

The Utility Crawler’s unique design, which includes magnetic wheels and the ability to submerge up to 50 feet underwater, permits the vehicle to crawl along a ship; inspecting for hull integrity, contraband or other hidden threats. Piloted with a handheld controller, the live viewing capacity allows officers to perform investigations on ships entering port, minimizing potential dangers which occur if divers must enter the water.

Application-specific add-ons enable the vehicle to be used for scraping marine growth, power-washing the hull, testing the thickness of metal, or vacuuming away sediment.

“Deep Trekker continues to innovate and to provide easy to use and the most portable inspection technologies, without compromising durability or capabilities,” said Sam Macdonald, Deep Trekker President. “The new DT640 Utility Crawler product line has been developed to provide a remote solution to keep human lives out of unknown and potentially dangerous situations.”

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