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MacGregor equipment picked for Chinese polar ship

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JUNE 29, 2016 —  Cargotec’s MacGregor subsidiary has won an order to supply MacGregor offshore cranes and a Triplex handling system for a 14,300 gt polar research vessel being built for the Polar Research Institute of China. Designed by Aker Arctic Finland, it will be the first vessel of its type to be built in China. The shipbuilder has not yet been named.

The 122.5 m multi-functional icebreaker will be able to handle ice up to 1.5 m thick, achieving a continuous icebreaking speed of two to three knots. It will have an endurance of 20,000 nautical miles and with a full 90-person crew, it will be able to cruise for 60 days without resupply.
The vessel will feature two MacGregor offshore cranes: a 50-tonne SWL telescopic crane with a 15 m outreach and a 24-tonne SWL knuckle jib crane with a 12 m outreach.
It will also be fitted with a MacGregor Triplex six-tonne SWL telescopic/knuckle jib crane with a 17 m outreach and a handling system specifically designed for research equipment. The handling system consists of a 30-tonne SWL stern-mounted A-frame; a 5-tonne SWL multi-functional launch-and-recovery overhead crane for conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) oceanographic instrumentation; and a piston coring system that includes an 8-tonne SWL corer pipe handler, a 23 m corer pipe cradle and a 25-tonne SWL side-mounted A-frame.
With the exception of the cranes, all MacGregor equipment will be served by a common central hydraulic system driven by one hydraulic power unit. MacGregor deliveries are scheduled for completion by the end of 2017.
Yuan Shao Hong, Director of Engineering and Secretary of the Polar Research Institute of China’s party committee said at the contract signing: “We are delighted to work together with a world-leading equipment manufacturer like MacGregor to build and deliver one of the best ‘green’ polar research icebreakers, providing the Chinese, as well as global scientists, a good polar research platform and contributing to the world polar research development.”
“Our ability to deliver tailor-made packages of equipment and a reputation for successful low temperature operations were key factors in winning this contract,” says William Storvik, Shiptype Group Sales Manager, MacGregor Offshore Deck Machinery. “MacGregor products have a proven track record of performance in extreme environments, which makes them ideal for this type of vessel. Our combined expertise also ensures good value and performance for the customer and smoothes operations by reducing the number of suppliers that the shipyard and the owner have to deal with.”
“MacGregor is also able to support its products with a strong worldwide service network and the owner is keen to work closely with us on global lifecycle support for the new vessel,” adds Terry Onn, Senior Shiptype Sales Manager, MacGregor Offshore Deck Machinery.

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