FMD signs exclusive agreement to deploy secure LiFi connectivity

Written by Nick Blenkey
Fairbanks Morse Defense is partnering with Marand

Beloit, Wis., based Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD), a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, is giving its customers in the U.S. defense industry access to LiFi, an ultra-secure mobile wireless technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data.

Continuing to advance its cutting-edge technology portfolio, FMD has signed a three-year agreement with Edinburgh, Scotland, based pureLiFi, a leader in the development of the technology. The agreement makes FMD the exclusive reseller of pureLiFi technology and products to FM OnBoard maritime defense customers in the U.S.

The pureLiFi Kitefin LiFi system is the first mission deployable LiFi system designed specifically for the defense industry and builds on the inherent physical security of containable light communications to ensure that data is only transmitted to the right people in the right place. LiFi is not vulnerable to eavesdropping or jamming attempts. The system can be easily set up and deployed in a matter of minutes and enables highly secure connectivity in places that are traditionally considered to be impractical or inaccessible.

“The ability to have secure connectivity while at sea is a mission-critical capability for our maritime defense customers,” said FMD CEO George Whittier. “pureLiFi’s technology pairs perfectly with FM OnBoard, enabling technicians to securely communicate from the engine room with live, remote, technicians who can help troubleshoot any issues.”

“Fairbanks Morse Defense is quickly becoming known for its best-in-class maritime defense technology solutions, and we consider this to be an ideal collaboration for expanding our presence in the U.S.,” said pureLiFi CEO Alistair Banham,. “Our collaboration with FMD represents a significant step towards expanding LiFi technology beyond pureLiFi’s large-scale land-based deployments. We look forward to working with FMD to deliver this game-changing LiFi technology to maritime defense customers.”

Prior to this agreement, pureLiFi worked with FMD through the FM Defense Accelerator. The companies have been leveraging LiFi and FMD’s resources to co-develop and evaluate maritime use cases for LiFi technology.

More on Kitefin LiFi in the video

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