Damen piggy-backs three more vessels onto Canada delivery tow

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Both bought by same company, Shoalbuster Amy Lynn D towed Stan Pontoon to new home in Ontario, after first dropping off two tugs in Halifax and one in Montreal

Netherlands-based Damen Shipyards Group recently found a cost effective way to get five vessels delivered to three customers in Canada. The story began earlier this year when Odessa, Ontario based Doornekamp signed a contract for the delivery of a Shoalbuster 3209 utility support vessel that had been part of Damen Marine Services’ charter fleet. Shortly after this, Doornekamp Construction placed on order with Damen for a Stan Pontoon (barge) 7524 and It was decided to deliver the vessels using theShoalbuster, now renamed Amy Lynn D, on her own keel and towing the barge.

Before the transatlantic tow began, however, Damen had booked three more Canadian vessel orders. Secured in cooperation with Alec Laing of ACL Shipbrokers, the orders were for three Stan Tugs 1205 for two new customers.

It was decided to deliver the tugs by putting them on the barge being towed by the Shoalbuster

Putting the five vessel package together involved Damen chartering another Shoalbuster from its long-standing client Van Wijngaarden Marine Services to tow the barge to Algeciras, Spain, where it could meet up with Doornekamp’s Shoalbuster 3209.

The shipment left Rotterdam on October 27 on a tight schedule as the vessels’ their only access to the St. Lawrence Seaway was via the Montreal locks. The locks close annually around Christmas and do not reopen until April.

Fortunately, all went smoothly. The first two Stan Tugs 1205 were delivered to the client, Dominion, on December 9 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The remaining tug was delivered on December 15 in Montreal. and, finally after a voyage covering 4,700 nautical miles, the Shoalbuster Amy Lynn D and the barge passed through the locks in the direction of Picton, Ontario and her new owners, Doornekamp Construction, arriving on December 18.

The recent CETA trade agreement between the European Union and Canada meant that the shipment faced considerably reduced import duties. This agreement ensures Damen customers in the region of easier, most cost-efficient access to vessels in the future.

“It’s actually quite a complex process shipping multiple vessels to different clients on a single shipment like this,” said Damen sales manager Jurriaan Daams.”However, applying the synergy within our organization we were able to get everything done in-house. For example, the commercial process was assisted by Damen Trading, the barge were docked at Damen Verolme, the Shoalbuster at Albwardy Damen in Sharjah and the Stan Tugs at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld before sailing, the towing wire and bridle were supplied by AKF and the tow carried out by Damen Marine Services.”

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