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Cyber security high on Wiernicki’s IACS priorities list

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Christopher J. Wiernicki

"By focusing on these three legs of the safety stool, I believe we can build on IACS' recent achievements and set out an agenda that addresses existing and emerging challenges," says Mr. Wiernicki. "My priorities for 2015-2016 strike a balance between the completion of ongoing projects and the need to look forward and formulate the next generation of IACS guidelines, unified and procedural requirements."

Among ongoing projects that will get his attention is ensuring a smooth completion of the initial round of audits for the IMO Goal-Based Standards process.

He will also advance the creation of a cyber-system safety framework that addresses control systems, software quality assurance, data integrity and cyber security, enhancing an initiative that was started in 2014.

Another priority; ensuring that the IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS) remains the "gold standard" for classification society performance.

"IACS' relationships, extensive technical knowledge, experience and independence place it in a unique position to work with regulators and industry," Mr. Wiernicki says. "IACS will continue to reach out and strengthen relationships with all parties, continuing to demonstrate that its commitment to safety, quality and environmental protection are more important than ever."

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 — IACS ( the International Association of Classification Societies) says that its incoming chairman, ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki has set out his priorities, focusing on three key areas: structural, machinery and cyber system integrity.

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