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Canadian shipowners like budget plans

Written by Nick Blenkey

lewis-manningMARCH 22, 2013 — Robert Lewis-Manning, President of the Canadian Shipowners Association (CSA) has found things to smile about in budget plans unveiled yesterday by Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty.

The association said today that “the budget’s strong focus on skills and training for current and new Canadians as well as programs that will support the Canadian labor market has shown the government clearly understands the needs of businesses across the country. The creation of the Canada Job Grant and the ‘Expression of Interest’ immigration management system and the dedication of $19 million for outreach support are important tools to help our industry grow its human capital.”

“Like many industries in Canada, the short sea shipping industry requires well-trained and experienced workers to keep its companies growing and supporting the economy,” said Robert Lewis-Manning , President of the CSA. “Budget 2013 is an important step towards ensuring that the targeted skills development our country requires is in place where and when it is needed.”

The CSA was “equally pleased to see the government renew its commitment to infrastructure. Our industry plays an important role in linking Canadian commodities to continental and global markets. With short sea shipping eligible for the $21.8 billion Community Improvement Fund, we applaud the government for recognizing the critical place that infrastructure holds in keeping Canada at the forefront as a trading nation.”

CSA member companies are Algoma Central Corporation, Canada Steamship Lines, Groupe Desgagnes Inc., Mcasphalt Marine Transportation Limited, Provmar Fuels Inc., and Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.

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