Austal USA selects Kongsberg Promas systems for its first OPC

Written by Marine Log Staff
First OPC built by Austal USA will feature Kongsberg Maritime's Promas propulsion system

First OPC built by Austal USA will feature Kongsberg Maritime's Promas propulsion system

Austal USA has selected Kongsberg Maritime to supply its Promas propulsion system to the latest ship in the United States Coast Guard’s new Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) Heritage Class program.

This initial contract is to supply Kongsberg Maritime equipment for the fifth ship, Coast Guard Cutter Pickering, which is the first to be built by Austal USA at its shipyard in Mobile, Alabama.

The Coast Guard’s new OPC program is expected to run up to 25 ships. The new vessels will replace the Coast Guard’s medium endurance cutters and meet the need for long-term offshore capability to maintain current and future mission effectiveness.

Promas combines rudder and controllable pitch propeller into one propulsion system which optimises the hydrodynamic properties of the ship and delivers increased efficiency and thrust while using less energy. For the OPC, as well as twin Promas units, Kongsberg Maritime is contracted to supply steering gear, rudders, fin stabilisers and tunnel thrusters.

“Kongsberg Maritime has a proud history of supplying mission critical technology to United States Coast Guard programs,” said Björn ten Eicken,vice president – naval at Kongsberg Maritime. “We have supplied our propulsion systems for naval and governmental forces for more than 80 years, and we’re delighted to have developed an efficient and effective system specifically suited to the challenging and varied operations of these new ships. Our Promas systems typically deliver efficiency savings of around 6%, so vessels are able to extend their range, something which can be crucial on longer missions.

“We’re looking forward to working with the Coast Guard and Austal USA on delivering these highly capable ships.”

The OPC vessels will be able to provide long range patrol capability. At 360 feet long, they will have a displacement of 3,700 long tons, maximum speed of 22.2 knots, and a range of 9,050 nautical miles at 14 knots.

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