Somali pirates hijack chemical tanker

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pirate Early this morning, Nov.11, the MV HANNIBAL II was pirated whilst on route from Malaysia to Suez.

Eu Navfor says the 24,105 tonne chemical tanker, a Panamanian-flagged vessel ,was carrying vegetable oils from Pasir Gudang to Suez at the time. The master of the vessel reported that he had been attacked and boarded by pirates in an area some 860 nautical miles east of The Horn of Africa which is considerably closer to India than it is to Somalia.

The Tunisian owned MV HANNIBAL II has a total of 31 crew on board. This number consists of 23 Tunisians, 4 Filipinos, 1 Croatian, 1 Georgian, 1 Russian and 1 Moroccan.

The registered owner is Polo Navigation and the manager is Gabes Tankers.

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