Titan Salvage awarded contract to salvage Costa Concordia

Written by Nick Blenkey

costa concordiaCrowley Maritime company Titan Salvage, in collaboration with Italian marine contractor Micoperi, has won the contract to salvage the Costa Concordia, Costa Cruise Lines announced April 21.

The salvage plan, which must be approved by Italian authorities, involves refloating the cruise ship in one piece and towing it to another Italian port. Any subsequent decision on the wreck will be taken in compliance with the requirements of the Italian authorities.

The operation is planned to begin in May and is expected to last a year.

Costa Cruises said that protection of the environment will be given maximum priority in the operation. Once the main work is complete, the sea bottom will be cleaned and marine flora replanted.

Costa said the plan also includes measures to safeguard the economic and tourist activities on the island of Giglio. The operational base will be outside the island, close to Civitavecchia, where equipment and materials needed for the operations will be based, so as to avoid any impact on the activities of the port of Giglio.

The plan was chosen by a technical evaluation committee composed of experts representing Costa Cruises, Carnival Corporation & plc, London Offshore Consultants and Standard P & I Club.

Although all salvage plans submitted by the deadline of March 3, 2012] were of high quality, says Costa, the technical evaluation committee preferred that submitted by Titan Salvage / Micoperi because it responded best to the main requirements: complete removal of the wreck; little risk as possible; least possible environmental impact, conservation of tourist and economic activities of the Giglio ; maximum safety of interventions.

April 21, 2012

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