Royal Wagenburg orders Wärtsilä scrubbers for Super Ice Class RoRos

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Bothniaborg is one of the two Royal Wagenborg vessels to be fitted with Wärtsilä scrubber systems

MAY 11, 2015 — Netherlands shipowner and operator Royal Wagenborg, has ordered Wärtsilä exhaust gas scrubber systems for two of its RoRo carriers, the Balticborg and Bothniaborg.

The Balticborg and Bothniaborg] are both powered by Wärtsilä 46 main engines. They are employed on a long term freight contract for the weekly shipment of paper products between Haraholmen, Sweden; Bremen, Germany; Sheerness, U.K, and Terneuzen, Netherlands. These operating routes fall within the Baltic and North Seas’ Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECA).

The vessels have 1A super Ice Class classification and are designed to operate in temperatures of up to minus 25°C. The ability to operate in these extreme conditions was included in the specifications for the scrubber systems.

The systems chosen are Wärtsilä Hybrid Scrubbers that allow the use of either closed or open loop technology to remove SOx from the exhaust. When operating in open loop mode, exhaust gases enter the system and are sprayed with seawater. The sulfur oxides in the exhaust react with the water to form sulphuric acid. Chemicals are not required since the natural alkalinity of seawater neutralizes the acid. When operating in closed loop mode, the natural alkalinity of seawater is boosted by an alkali. The hybrid approach enables operation in closed loop mode when required, for instance whilst in port and during manoeuvring using NaOH as a buffer. When at sea, the switch can be made to open loop using only seawater.

“Wärtsilä’s experience in scrubber systems for marine applications is unmatched and our reference list is extensive. We have worked closely with Royal Wagenborg for many years, and have clearly demonstrated our capability to deliver a reliable technical solution that will enable these vessels to comply with the most stringent environmental legislation,” says Juha Kytölä, Vice President, Environmental Solutions, Wärtsilä Ship Power.

“We have enjoyed a successful business relationship with Wärtsilä for many years and have selected Wärtsilä solutions for many vessels in our fleet. This relationship was one of the reasons that we decided that Wärtsilä would be the supplier for these scrubber systems,” says Egbert Vuursteen, CEO of Royal Wagenborg.


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