Greek shipowners opt for Langh Tech scrubbers

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NOVEMBER 14, 2018 — Shipowners continue to opt for exhaust gas cleaning systems in preparation for the IMO 2020 sulfur cap. The latest example is Greek shipping companies Marmaras Navigation Ltd. and Delta Tankers, which have selected Finland’s Langh Tech Oy AB’s scrubber systems for their continuing fleet upgrade program. Both shipping companies are owned by Diamantis Diamantides, one of Greece’s most well known shipowners.

As we reported in the November issue of Marine Log, there are about 1,700 exhaust gas cleaning systems or scrubbers that are in operation or on order — still only a small fraction of the world fleet.

Langh Tech will delivery 10 shipsets of exhaust gas cleaning systems for installation in bulk carriers and product tankers.

Marmaras and Delta Tankers belong to the first movers among the Greek ship owners, that have selected during early 2018 to entrust scrubber technology for coping with the forthcoming IMO 2020 global low sulfur cap regulations and for looking for best match options for their large variety of ship types and sizes, but also for reliable partners in retrofit projects.

The total order consists of equipping nine 92,000 dwt post-Panamax bulk carriers and one 114,000 dwt Aframax tanker with Langh Tech Open Loop Hybrid Ready systems, plus options for more shipsets to follow.

The scope of supply comprises of U-type scrubber towers for all the 10 vessels. In each installation the main engine and all auxiliaries will be connected to the multi-inlet scrubber tower. Langh Tech delivers all the equipment necessary for a fully working open loop system. The deal also includes commissioning and certification of the systems. All of the systems will be delivered within 2019.

‘’We have selected Langh Tech for offering an attractive combination of system quality, simplicity and proven track record,” says Paschalis Diamantides. “We felt comfortable with their production facilities and we valued highly their inherent experience on scrubber systems as ship operators as well. They were able to facilitate our tight delivery schedule demand and showed great flexibility in formulating a custom-fit scheme for serving our specific post-Panamax and Aframax tanker fleet retrofit program’’ says Diamantides.smallLaura Langh

‘’It is our honor to serve Marmaras and Delta Tankers in Greece and we are very excited to work on a demanding retrofit project with tight deliveries and analytical project management. The systems will be designed to fit restricted engine casing spaces and their low operating costs will offer a significantly fast pay-back to the shipowner. We have further committed to provide a strong technical support during the whole installation and commissioning procedure,” says Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director of Langh Tech (shown at right).

Marmaras Navigation and Delta Tankers are two of the most reputable ship owning companies in Greece with a total fleet of 32 bulk carriers and 28 oil tankers operating their ships with top class charterers.

Langh Tech designs and produces scrubbers for SOx removal from exhaust gases and water treatment units for closed loop scrubbers. Langh Tech is one of the Langh companies, which also include ship owning Langh Ship, steel carriage and bulk containers from Langh Cargo Solutions and Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh.

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