Two Stolt newbuilds to have Clean Marine scrubbers

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JANUARY 17, 2014 — Clean Marine AS, Lysaker, Norway has been selected by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding, China, to supply exhaust gas scrubbers for two 38,000 dwt chemical tankers being built for Stolt Tankers and NYK Stolt Tankers.

The two vessels are part a series of six sister ships. The remaining four vessels will be designed with the flexibility to add an exhaust gas cleaning system (ECGS) at a later stage.

Clean Marine has developed an EGCS based on Advanced Vortex Chamber technology. The system’s integrated fan and gas recirculation technology allows the one EGCS unit to simultaneously serve several combustion units.

The system supplied to Stolt Tankers is a hybrid system that allows the vessel to operate seamlessly in all types of water (including low alkaline and saline water) without loss of efficiency.

The Clean Marine EGCS meets the current pH limit for washwater discharge in Europe and USA with a good margin.

The order will enable the new vessels to comply with sulfur emissions legislation without switching to more expensive fuels.

“For vessels operating in European or US waters, inside the emission control areas (ECAs), a maximum sulfur limit of 0.1 percent will apply from January 2015,” says Clean Marine CEO Nils Høy-Petersen. “The Clean Marine system supplied to Stolt Tankers will clean both sulfur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter emissions from one main engine, three auxiliary engines, and three boilers. In total, a single Clean Marine EGCS unit will manage seven exhaust sources and will be designed to clean 140,000 kg exhaust per hour.”

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