Mobile system successfully treats ballast water on ship in Coos Bay

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Mobile system successfully treated 3,990 tons of ballast

JUNE 12, 2018 – Glosten and Global Diving & Salvage report the successful treatment of ballast water with a mobile system on board a 350-foot vessel moored in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Glosten and Global Diving & Salvage deployed the Glosten Ballast Responder, successfully treating all 3,990 tons of ballast water on board.

The contingency response team deployed from Seattle, Washington the morning of May 21 and certified all ballast water on board as safe for discharge by the evening of May 23.

“The system and team performed very well,” said Glosten Principal and ballast water treatment expert Kevin Reynolds, PE. “We will continue to incorporate lessons learned as we perform additional deployments.”

The treatment utilized a mobile ballast water mixing system developed by Glosten in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service. Previous deployments were used to gain data on biological efficacy data and to establish practical treatment protocols. This treatment marks the first live deployment to assist a vessel requiring ballast water management for treating aquatic nuisance species.

“The Ballast Responder enabled the operator to comply with State and Federal regulations. Deploying the team was the right move for this application,” commented Rian Hooff of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. “We’ve been looking for a practical contingency system to protect our waters from potential aquatic invasions. We are very pleased to see Ballast Responder fill that need.”

Next steps include a trial deployment of the system on the Great Lakes in July and the building and predeployment of additional kits in key shipping locations in the U.S. and worldwide.

David DeVilbiss, Global Diving & Salvage’s VP of Casualty & Emergency Response, commented: “As always, Global is eager to serve our marine community, and will continue to evaluate various deployment options.”

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