VIDEO: AWO releases new video

Written by Marine Log Staff
AWO video screenshot

The American Waterways Operators has produced a new video highlighting the national importance of the tugboat, towboat and barge industry and the rewarding careers the industry has to offer.

The three-minute video, The Tugboat, Towboat and Barge Industry: Careers that Make Waves, shows a diverse range of industry vessels and mariners in action across the United States in the inland, coastal and harbor sectors and highlights the industry’s contributions to safety, security, and environmental sustainability.

The video also features mariners from several AWO member companies speaking on camera, sharing their experiences working in the industry and discussing the benefits of careers on the waterways.

The video highlights that the tugboat, towboat and barge industry:

  • Is the largest segment of American maritime, moving nearly 700 million tons of cargo every year;
  • Prioritizes mariner safety and works to raise safety standards for everyone on the water;
  • Is the greenest mode of freight transportation, and is committed to innovating to further reduce its environmental footprint;
  • Contributes to national and homeland security by working with the Coast Guard to keep watch over our waterways, moving cargo for the military, and keeping the supply chain moving during a crisis; and
  • Offers family-wage, fulfilling careers people can pursue right out of high school, doing work that our nation depends on.

AWO President & CEO Jennifer Carpenter commented: “Our industry has an incredible story to tell – the story of the impactful contributions we make to our nation every day, and the meaningful, family-wage careers we offer to men and women throughout our country. The domestic maritime industry is a positive force in helping our nation address security, environmental, supply chain and labor challenges, and we are excited to share this video as widely as possible to convey that message.”

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