New truckable tug features twin diesel outboards

Written by Marine Log Staff
Tug features twin diesel outboards

Truckable tug is powered by twin 300 hp OXE diesel outboards.

The Silverback Marine shipyard in Tacoma, Wash., has introduced its latest design, a 26- by 13-foot truckable tug called the River Ox.

Naval architect Aaron Neely masterminded the design, combining the advantages of diesel reliability outboard diesels with modern looks and plenteous crew comforts despite the small footprint. Ample windows and full height forward and aft windows offer excellent visibility, while a day head and crew mess give “big boat comforts” in a truckable tug.

Diesel outboard motor technology is disrupting the industry with increased reliability, torque, and fuel efficiency over traditional gasoline powered outboards, says Silverback. The River Ox will feature twin, 300 hp OXE diesels for a combined 600 hp, with only 38 inches of draft, making the vessel well suited for shallow bay or river operations, yet featuring the hull stability required for use in moderate to mid sea states.

“Our goal was to develop a compact, powerful, yet good-looking mini tug that is easy to use, easy to maintain, and affordable. Excellent visibility, plenty of bollard pull, big push knees, and of course a rust-free aluminum hull make the River Ox a great choice for a wide range of applications,” said Ian Gracey, founder and CEO of Silverback. “At Silverback, we’re all about innovating smarter workboats that are practical, perform second-to-none, and look great—we are excited to announce the addition of the River Ox to our fleet.”

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