Mavericks purchases seven Ingram Barge harbor boats

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Mavericks Towboat Solutions has purchased seven harbor boats from Ingram Barge Company in the St. Louis harbor.

Mavericks is a joint venture between Inland Marine Service (IMS) and James Marine and this is its first purchase since forming in May earlier this year.

“At Mavericks, we specialize in USCG Sub M relief of pain points. We have various options available to help small, medium and large companies,” said Dave Hammond, President of IMS

Mavericks offers vessel owners a complete solution to comply with all Sub Chapter M requirements by refurbishing/repairing the vessels to ensure they meet those standards, or replacing the vessel with a new construction program and assisting with the sale of the non-compliant vessels.

The purchased vessels will continue under contract between Ingram and IMS.

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