Kirby awarded $17.4 million in Houston Channel collision case

Written by Nick Blenkey
Tanker about to collide with barge

Judge’s order includes this screen capture showing tanker about to slam into barge

In a July 8 ruling, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown has awarded Kirby Inland Marine $17,398,488 in a case stemming from the May 10, 2019, Houston Ship Channel incident in which the LPG carrier Genesis River collided with a 297 foot long tank barge being pushed ahead by the 69 foot long Kirby Inland Marine towing vessel Voyager.

As a result of the collision, two cargo tanks in the barge were breached, spilling petrochemical cargo into the waterway, and a second barge in the Voyager tow capsized.

Judge Brown’s ruling concludes:

“In sum, the court finds that the Genesis River is 100% at fault for the collision with the Voyager on May 10, 2019. And because the cause of the collision was the Genesis River’s violation of certain Inland Navigation Rules, the liability limits in the Oil Pollution Act do not apply.”

Dowload the full ruling for a detailed description of the events leading up to the collision. which occurred after Genesis River had been involved in a “Texas chicken” passing procedure.

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