Aransas Pass private port processes 60,000 tons of cargo

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Rockport Terminals LLC reports that its private port at Aransas Pass, near Corpus Christi, Texas, processed and transloaded over 60,000 tons of bulk liquid and pipeline pipe in Nov/Dec 2019—the first bulk product moved through the facility in 12 years.

The Aransas Pass property was previously owned by Nilok Chemicals, which closed and dismantled the carbon black smelter that had operated there since.

The facility was purchased in 2016 by privately-owned Rockport Terminals, which then began to clean up a historical dirty carbon black industrial site and turn it into a productive, environmentally sustainable facility that is able to benefit from and enhance the major activity that is turning Corpus Christi into the America’s largest petroleum export port.

Rockport Terminals completed the first stages of environmental remediation and repairs last year, and in October 2019, reopened the private port for bulk liquids and product transfers after the necessary permits had been obtained from the Coast Guard and relevant authorities.

A bulk fuel company that was operating in temporary facilities around the Port of Corpus Christi moved into the facility late October and will use Rockport Terminals as its base for regional operations.

Bulk goods handler, CMC, from Louisiana, moved operations to Rockport Terminals and will use it as its logistics bulk goods trans-load base.

Rockport Terminals says that over 60,000 tons of affected soil was removed and remediated in the process of completing the clean-up. The property is now clear to develop and to be a well-situated base for clean industries that require a location in the busy Corpus Christi / Ingleside area.

Rockport Terminals is looking for partners or tenants to help further develop the property.

Over 60,000 tons of bulk liquid and pipeline pipe were processed and trans-loaded at the port in Nov/Dec 2019.
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