Steerprop wins first order for new product line

Written by Nick Blenkey
Tugboat with steerprop thrusters

The Robert Allan design RAscal 2100-Z & RAscal 2100-TS series are Med Marine’s 21-meter ASD and 21-meter conventional tugboat series with maximum 50 tons of bollard pull.

Finnish propulsion solution specialist Steerprop has won its first orders for its new Steerprop T product line, especially designed for tug operations. It has been awarded a contract by Turkey’s Med Marine shipyard to deliver the propulsion units for two RAscal 2100 harbor tugs designed by Robert Allan Ltd.

The Steerprop T azimuth propulsion product line has been developed as demand grows for more powerful and maneuverable tugs, with increased bollard pull for ship assistance and harbor operations. The robust and hydrodynamically efficient propulsors are designed to adapt to changing configurations and versatile operations with mechanical, hybrid or electrical prime movers, while focusing on simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

”With the development of this new product family we are clearly meeting our tug customers’ demands for flexibility and value in all operations and conditions, while adapting to the shipyard’s requirements for simple and seemless integration,” says Donato Agostinelli, sales manager at Steerprop. ”The Steerprop T design features improved flexibility, increased modularization and scalability, while maximizing the bollard pull per engine’s power input.”

The contract with Med Marine for the two harbor tugs includes four SP 175 T propulsion units. They have 1.80 meter diameter propellers in nozzles and are rated at 1,080 kW per unit to deliver 35 tons bollard pull. Delivery is scheduled for January 2023.

Handshake on Steerprop deal
L to R: Mete Tarihmen, Nemomarin; Ertuğrul Çetin, Med Marine and Donato Agostinelli, Steerprop.

“With the new Steerprop T product line and the support of our local partner Nemomarin, whose relationship with the customer was instrumental in making this contract happen, we are confident that we have a winning formula for the future Turkish and global tug markets”, says Agostinelli.

“We are delighted to cooperate with Steerprop on this project,” said Med Marine’s procurement & technical group manager Ertugrul Cetin. “We are sure that this partnership will contribute a lot to the mutual interests of both parties in developing a successful business relationship. By working together with Steerprop, we believe we are ideally positioned to meet the clients’ increased demand for Med Marine’s state of-the-art tugboats

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