Cheoy Lee delivers its 50th RAmparts 3200-CL tugboat

Written by Marine Log Staff
RAmparts 3200-CL tugboat

Joymoni is the 50th RAmparts 3200-CL tugboat delivered since 2011

Hong Kong headquartered Cheoy Lee Shipyards has marked a significant milestone. The tug Joymoni, recently delivered to Mongla Port Authority in Bangladesh is the 50th RAmparts 3200-CL to be completed by the shipbuilder, and it represents more than a decade of evolution and refinement in tug design.

The RAmparts 3200-CL was designed by Robert Allan Ltd in 2008 exclusively for Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd., with the first tug, Ocean Pioneer, delivered to Ocean Sparkle in India in 2011. Based on the popular RAmparts series, the hull form was developed to provide a high performance, multi-function tug in a shallow draft configuration, with bollard pulls of up to 85 tonnes.

Over the years, there have been some significant changes to rules and regulations that have required updates to the design. These include IMO MLC Crew accommodation requirements, supporting structure in way of towing systems, and towing stability criteria, etc. The RAmparts 3200-CL design has been kept current and is compliant with all these new standards.

The RAmparts 3200-CL is operating in regions all over the world, including Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North and South America, for clients such as Svitzer, Boluda, SAAM, PSA, KOTUG, and Ocean Sparkle/Adani.

The RAmparts 3200-CL design has shown its flexibility to suit operators’ preferences. Harbor service, terminal towage, escorting and offshore support can all be performed and systems from major engine manufacturers, Z-drive suppliers, deck machinery makers, etc. can be fitted, allowing full customization for every owner’s needs.

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