Canal Barge Company repowers two towboats

Written by Heather Ervin
The M/V Ned Merrick was recently repowered with Tier 3 S16R engines from Mitsubishi. (Credit: Laborde Products)

The M/V Ned Merrick was recently repowered with Tier 3 S16R engines from Mitsubishi. (Credit: Laborde Products)

New Orleans-based Canal Barge Company recently repowered two of its towboats with Laborde Products Inc. (Covington, La.) solutions.

The first vessel project, the M/V Ned Merrick, featured the replacement of the vessel’s previous engines with two Tier 3 S16R engines from Mitsubishi, each delivering 1675HP at 1600RPM. The vessel was previously powered by two EMD 567 engines.

David Lane, senior VP with Canal Barge Company, expressed his delight with the repower, noting that the new engines enhance both the performance and the efficiency of the vessel.

“The installation of Mitsubishi S16R engines for M/V Ned Merrick modernizes the vessel’s mechanical equipment for both improved emissions and more efficient operations,” said Lane. “Repowers are an important piece of our Fleet of the Future planning and we are thankful for our partnership with Laborde.”

Trace Laborde, vice president of sales at Laborde Products, echoed that sentiment in reflecting on the success of the project. “Working with Canal Barge Company to upgrade the M/V Ned Merrick has been a rewarding experience, and it underscores our commitment to supporting our clients with top-tier solutions,” said Laborde.

M/V Integrity

The second vessel project saw the successful replacement of twin KTA38 engines with Mitsubishi S12R Tier 3 engines in Canal Barge’s M/V Integrity. These new units deliver 1,100 hp. at 1,800 rpm., significantly enhance both the performance and efficiency of the vessel.

“We are thrilled about the enhanced efficiency and performance that the Mitsubishi S12R engines will provide,” said Laborde.

“The increased power and simplicity has greatly benefitted M/V Integrity in both its maneuverability and maintainability,” added Lane. “We value our partnership with Laborde and look forward to our next repower being available for service in June 2024.”

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