Costa Concordia will be scrapped in Genoa

JUNE 30, 2014 — The Italian Government has endorsed Costa Crociere's decision that the wreck of the cruise liner Costa Concordia be scrapped in Genoa.

Carnival Corporation subsidiary Costa says that in under three weeks the wreck will be ready for towing and that Genoa is the only Italian port in which demolition and recycling activities can start immediately and count on the best possible technologies and environmental safety standards.

That decision was endorsed by 17 of 19 public authorities at a meeting in Rome on June 25, but, without unanimity, the final decision had to be made by Italy's Council of Ministers. Today, the Council approved the decision to tow the wreck to Genoa for dismantling and recycling.

Two more sponsons must be installed before the wreck can be refloated. Once refloated, the tow from Giglio to Genoa is expected to take five days.

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