Navy asks for ten battle force ships in FY 2019 budget request

FEBRUARY 13, 2017 — Released yesterday, the Navy's $194.1 billion budget request for FY2019 includes $20.1 billion for ten new battle force ships .

The Navy's recently completed Force Structure Assessment detailed a long term requirement for 355 ships in the battle force and, in its budget briefing material, the Navy says that "FY 2019 moves the Department in the right direction to meet this requirement."

The ten battle force ships requested including two Virginia class submarines one of which will include the Virginia Payload Module (VPM); three DDG 51 Arleigh Burke destroyers; one Littoral Combat Ship (LCS); two T-AO 205 oilers; one Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB); and one T-ATS towing, salvage, and rescue ship.

The plan from FY 2018 to FY 2023 is shown in the table.



The Navy is requesting $1.6 billion in FY 2019, to continue to finance the second increment of detailed design and construction for the third Ford class carrier (USS Enterprise (CVN 80)). The FY 2019 President's Budget includes the third increment of Advance Procurement funding ($450 million) for USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) RCOH.


The Navy continues to invest in capabilities to counter improved ballistic missile capabilities emerging worldwide. The FY 2019 budget requests $5.6 billion for three DDG 51 destroyers as part of the Multi-Year Procurement (MYP) in support of this capable platform. These destroyers will be Flight III ships equipped with the Advanced Missile Defense Radar and are part of the FY 2018 ten ship multi year procurement.

The FY 2019 budget request also contains $646 million to procure one Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) which would complete the total requirement of LCS at


Planning, design and Advanced Construction continues for the Columbia class submarine to provide continuous sea-based strategic deterrence.

With the third year of Advance Procurement funding for the Columbia class submarine ($3.0 billion), the Department will continue funding detail design efforts, continuous missile tube production, and Advanced Construction of major hull components and propulsion systems which will help stabilize the manufacturing base and reduce cost and schedule risk.

Virginia class fast attack submarines continue to join the existing fleet of Los Angelesand Seawolf class submarines. The FY 2019 budget request includes funds for two Block V Virginia class fast attack submarines and related Advance Procurement and economic order quantity funds ($7.2 billion) executing as part of the FY 2019 – FY 2023 MYP. The Navy says that "all hulls in Block V will include Acoustic Superiority, a step improvement in acoustic stealth and on-hull sensors."

The second hull in FY 2019 will include the first Virginia Payload Module (VPM), a hull section with four additional payload tubes capable of carrying an additional 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles which increases the Tomahawk capacity from 12 per ship to 40 per ship.


The Landing Craft Utility (LCU) 1700 program requests two craft in FY 2019 ($42 million). The LCU 1700 serves as the functional replacement for the LCU 1610 class, and provides heavy lift capability to transport personnel and cargo from ship to shore.

The Ship to Shore Connector (SSC) program continues to procure craft, with five requested in FY 2019 ($335 million). The SSC serves as the functional replacement for the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC), which is reaching the end of service life, and provides the capability to rapidly move USMC assault forces from amphibious ships to the beach.

The FY 2019 budget requests funds for two John Lewis class oilers ($977 million) and Advance Procurement funds ($75 million).

The John Lewis class oiler will recapitalize the existing Henry J. Kaiser class oilers to supply fuel and dry cargo to Navy ships at sea.

The T-ATS Towing, Salvage, and Rescue ship program requests one ship ($81 million). T-ATS will be the functional replacement for the TATF class Fleet Tugs and the T-ARS class Salvage ships. The Department requests 1 Expeditionary Sea Base in FY 2019 which will provide more presence in support of COCOM theater campaign plans for day to day operation.

Download Navy budget material HERE

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