Wärtsilä makes Expert Insight available for two-strokes and scrubbers

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Wärtsilä’s Expert Insight digital predictive maintenance product combines AI and advanced diagnostics with the experience and know-how of Wärtsilä’s product experts.

Wärtsilä’s digital predictive maintenance product, Expert Insight, originally launched in November 2019 for four-stroke engines, has now been extended to support two-stroke engines. It is available in combination with Wärtsilä’s Lifecycle Solutions offering. At the same time, Wärtsilä is releasing a minimum viable product (MVP) for scrubbers to provide continuous fleet-wide insight into vessel compliance and scrubber utilization.

Expert Insight combines artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and rule-based advanced diagnostics with the knowledge and experience of Wärtsilä’s product experts. Expert Insight’s holistic approach harnesses the best methods for detecting potential issues in asset operating data, and enables experts to provide actionable advice proactively to the customer. This enables a predictive maintenance strategy in which he health and efficiency of the equipment form the basis of maintenance activities. Expert Insight is delivered through Wärtsilä Expertise Centers around the world.

“The launch of Expert Insight last year took predictive maintenance to the next level, allowing us to detect a greater percentage of issues than previously, and at an even earlier stage. This enables the experts in our Expertise Centers to deliver fast and proactive advice to customers, thus increasing operational uptime,” says Frank Velthuis, Director Digital Product Development, Wärtsilä.

The Expert Insight scrubbers MVP provides customers who are operating scrubbers with valuable compliance information, including automated non-compliance incident reporting, scrubber usage statistics, and a live compliance map. The predictive maintenance features for scrubbers will be released at a later stage.

Wärtsilä’s Lifecycle Solutions offering is designed to go beyond simply maintenance and operation by delivering guaranteed performance based on mutually agreed target levels.

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