Erma First adds shore power solution to its offerings

Written by Nick Blenkey
Erma First has added a shore power solution to its offerings

Erma First’s Blue Connect high-voltage shore power solution is designed to seamlessly facilitate a vessel’s connection to a port’s electrical grid.

Perema, Greece, headquartered ballast water treatment specialist Erma First S.A. is getting into the cold ironing business. It has launched Blue Connect, a high-voltage shore power solution designed to seamlessly facilitate a vessel’s connection to a port’s electrical grid in order to power the vessel’s systems and equipment while at birth.

This enables the ship’s diesel generators to be switched off, with a resultant reduction in noise and emissions.

In the Blue Connect system the vessel is connected to shore through the solution’s cable management system.

Erma First currently offers standard Blue Connect models for: RO/RO and ROPax, ferries, container vessels and tankers. Custom-made systems are also available.

Blue Connect includes a power transformer, which transforms high to low voltage, as well as the required switchgear to protect crew and equipment. The operation is controlled and monitored by a shore connection main control panel. Power changeover supports shore-to-vessel synchronization to avoid black out upon connection. The system can also be integrated to a vessel’s AMS or/and PMS.

“The launch of Blue Connect represents another key technological milestone for the Erma First Group,” said Konstantinos Stampedakis, managing director at Erma First. “We now boast an array of game-changing engineering solutions and products for the maritime community globally. Protecting the environment has always been at the core of Erma First’s offering. Blue Connect is a highly advanced cold ironing solution that can help significantly reduce emissions in ports around the world.”

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