Alpha Ori solution earns ClassNK Innovation Endorsement

Written by Nick Blenkey
Graphic depicting AssetAI coverage

Image: Alpha Ori

The AssetAI predictive maintenance solution developed by Singapore-headquartered Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) has been granted ClassNK’s Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions.

ClassNK launched Innovation Endorsement in July 2020 as a rapid certification service to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies. The “Products & Solutions” certification category covers digital equipment and software technology installed for use on vessels.

Alpha Ori’s AssetAI is a predictive maintenance solution that runs on a real time basis, learning from the sensor data from assets and utilizing machine learning to provide actionable insights. In addition to monitoring equipment degradation, catching anomalies and preventing failures, the solution also provides real time health scores and the remaining useful life of an equipment to inform maintenance and overhaul planning.

ClassNK issued its Innovation Endorsement certificate for AssetAI following a comprehensive review.

“AOT’s predictive maintenance solution has opened up wide possibilities for the shipping industry to embark on a condition-based maintenance strategy to increase reliability and reduce equipment downtime,” said Capt. Rajesh Unni, Co-CEO of Alpha Ori. “Receiving ClassNK innovation certification is a testament to the high standard we have set for ourselves.”

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