Acquisition adds intelligent tank management to Alfa Laval portfolio

Written by Nick Blenkey
Alfa Laval adds tank cleaning to portfolio

Alfa Laval’s Peter Nielsen, president of marine separation & heat transfer: “Scanjet is a tank cleaning innovator with exciting developments in the pipeline.”

Alfa Laval has signed an agreement to acquire marine tank cleaning equipment specialist Scanjet. The acquisition will extend Alfa Laval’s broad tanker offering, creating a more comprehensive product portfolio for cargo tanks. Closing of the deal is expected in third quarter 2022.

Scanjet’s intelligent tank management solutions will be a valuable complement to Alfa Laval’s sustainable marine offering as they reduce the water usage and energy consumption connected with tank cleaning.

Alfa Laval says that adding Scanjet to its portfolio will support customer efficiency at every stage of cargo handling.

“I am pleased to announce this acquisition. Scanjet’s well-known and market-leading solutions for cargo tanks complement our existing Framo cargo pumping solutions for cargo handling,” says Sameer Kalra, president of Alfa Laval’s Marine Division. “This gives us the ability to optimize tank management for our customers with an ambition to reduce their water and fuel consumption and ultimately their CO2 footprint.”

Scanjet will become part of Alfa Laval’s marine separation & heat transfer business unit.

“Scanjet is a tank cleaning innovator with exciting developments in the pipeline,” says Peter Nielsen, president of the business unit. “For tanker owners and many other marine customers, there will be valuable synergies when Scanjet solutions enter the Alfa Laval portfolio.”

“Alfa Laval is the ideal place for Scanjet’s journey to continue,” says Magnus Wallin, CEO of Scanjet. “Our companies have leading marine offerings that complement and strengthen each other. Above all, we share the ambition to exceed customer needs.”

Scanjet’s technology will complete an Alfa Laval portfolio that includes Framo submersible cargo pumps, Smit inert gas systems and other Alfa Laval solutions. In addition to tank cleaning equipment, Scanjet’s offering comprises the unique ITAMA system for intelligent tank management. The ITAMA system integrates key aspects of tank maintenance, from tank cleaning to real-time monitoring of tank level, temperature and pressure.

Like Alfa Laval, Scanjet is headquartered in Sweden and has manufacturing facilities in Sweden, Poland and Indonesia, with additional assembly sites in Norway and the U.K. These facilities will be incorporated into Alfa Laval’s existing operations, along with Scanjet’s over 150 technical, application and service experts.

“We look forward to becoming part of an even larger team,” says Wallin. “Scanjet customers have long valued our ongoing support, and our capabilities will be amplified by Alfa Laval’s own global organization. Together, we will have a strong offering for tanker owners and new opportunities to serve them well over time.”

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