pickets will contune during Seaway strike negotiations

Seaway strike: Negotiations set to resume

The St. Lawrence Seaway remains closed to traffic by strike action today. It seems likely to remain closed until some time after Friday, when negotiations are expected to resume. Since the strike

Unifor strike closed Seaway when deadline saw no agreement

Unifor strike closes St. Lawrence Seaway

After negotiators failed to reach an agreement, St. Lawrence Seaway workers went on strike just before midnight Saturday. As we reported earlier, their union, Unifor, had filed a 72-hour strike notice on

Seaway navigation season

Strike could close the St. Lawrence Seaway

On October 18, Unifor, Canada’s largest private sector trade union notified the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation that its members are ready to strike as of midnight on Saturday, October 21, 2023,