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Kleven to build advanced cable layer for ABB

The vessel will be custom built to ABB specifications, with Norway’s Salt Ship Design working closely with ABB, the shipyard and MAATS Tech of the U.K., which is responsible for the integration of the cable lay mission equipment in the design development. The resulting SALT 306 design, says Salt, is “very comprehensive and fit for purpose.”

“This next-generation vessel incorporating state-of-the-art ABB technologies will be a key differentiator for our high-voltage cable business, enhancing flexibility and execution ability,” said Claudio Facchin, president of ABB’s Power Systems division. “It will also improve operational efficiency and customer focus, supporting profitable growth in line with our Next Level strategy.”

The new ship will deploy many of ABB’s own leading marine technologies. The award-winning Onboard DC Grid and power distribution solution, for instance, will use a single DC circuit for ship propulsion to reduce power consumption.

The vessel will set new standards for reliability and accuracy and will be equipped with roll-reduction tanks and the subsea operations will be executed and monitored by a remotely operated vehicle using cameras and sonar, avoiding the need for divers.

The vessel will also feature a complete ABB Integrated Automation System and three Azipod propulsion units. Together with an energy storage system for marine applications it will cut fuel consumption by 27 percent and reduce maintenance compared to traditional AC systems.

Sensors, monitoring hardware and software will enable data to be sent to shore via a satellite link, to allow the onshore technical support centers to work closely with the ship as part of ABB’s Integrated Marine Operations solution. Advanced advisory software for motion monitoring, forecasting and decision support will also be on board.

Thanks to dynamic positioning technology to DP3 class, the ship will be able to maintain its position with a high precision.

It is constructed in such a way that fire and flooding can be contained and will not compromise positioning and other essential systems.

With experience dating back to 1883, ABB is a global leader in high-voltage cable systems with an installed base across applications such as integration of renewables, city center in-feeds, oil and gas platform power supplies, and subsea interconnections. ABB has commissioned more than 25 high-voltage direct current links and hundreds of high-voltage alternating current links around the world.

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