New BRIX Marine LandingCat is en route to Alaska

Written by Nick Blenkey
LandingCat alongside

LandingCat is set to be renamed Jackpot Bay when it starts work in Alaska

Following its launch by Port Angeles, Wash., based BRIX Marine, the 4615-HTC LandingCat OMC is now en route to serve the Chenega community in Alaska. There it is set to become a versatile construction workhorse for Prince William Sound, capable of hauling freight and equipment to remote locations.

“Chenega Corporation sought to custom-build a boat specific to our needs for accessing the village and our surrounding properties, as well as supporting commercial customers with a variety of small workboat requirements, including crew transportation,” said Adam Turner, general manager of Chenega Corporation. “We were excited to partner with BRIX Marine on this project for our second vessel built by their team.”

“BRIX’s versatility in customization, their innovative process flow, and excellent project management continue to give us confidence in their ability to meet Chenega’s needs” added Turner. “The 4615-HTC, soon to be renamed Jackpot Bay, allows our work team to travel efficiently from Anchorage to the native village of Chenega, making our remote journeys less complicated and more efficient. Its stable and fast design ensures we can operate within smaller weather windows, giving us more operational days throughout the year.”

LandingCat on TraveLift
  • Model: 4615-HTC
  • Type: LandingCat
  • Hull length: 46 feet
  • Waterline length: 40 feet
  • LOA: ~50 feet
  • Beam: 15 feet
  • Lightship weight: ~31,000 lb
  • HP: 4 x Yamaha 450 HP outboards
  • Top speed: 50 MPH
  • Cruise speed: 30 MPH
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 300 gallons
  • Estimated range: 270 miles @ 30 MPH (plus 10% reserve)
  • Passenger count: 18 PAX + captain & one crew USCG Sub T
  • Fore deck payload: 12,500 lb (in addition to passengers)

The 4615-HTC LandingCat is constructed with 5086 alloy aluminum hull skins and 5052 alloy aluminum interior transverse frames. Its catamaran hull form, certified by the USCG Builder’s Certification, provides stability and adaptability for various maritime environments. The vessel’s propulsion system includes quad Yamaha 450HP outboard engines, designed to ensure efficient performance.

LandingCat power pack

Deck accessories include handrails on fore, side, and aft decks, a detachable radar and antenna mast, side boarding doors, and gunwale trays. These features are intended to enhance operational efficiency and safety for the crew. Additionally, the vessel is equipped with a crane for lifting and a Beachstormer bow door with roll-on/roll-off capability, making it ideal for transporting heavy freight and equipment to remote areas.The 4615-HTC is designed to support a range of maritime tasks, including coastal patrols and offshore support. Its safety features include watertight bulkheads, self-bailing aluminum decks, and advanced navigation equipment, providing a secure environment for both crew and passengers. With a Certificate of Inspection (COI) for 18 passengers, it is also a capable water taxi, featuring amenities such as a head and galley to ensure comfort during transit.

“This vessel is designed to operate as a commercial landing craft and a water taxi and do both at the same time,” said Perry Knudson, managing director at BRIX Marine. “Our team really shines in these multi-role platforms where our diverse skillsets are put to the test. This is very cool boat and we look forward to seeing Chenega Maritime put her to use in and around Prince William Sound.”

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