TT-Line orders LNG dual fuel RoPax for Baltic

Written by Nick Blenkey
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DECEMBER 17, 2018 – Lübeck, Germany, headquartered TT-Line has signed a contract with China’s Jiangsu Jinling shipyard covering construction of a 230 m x 31 LNG dual fueled RoPax ferry set for 2022 delivery. The contract includes an option for one further vessel.

Designed to carry 800 passengers and more than 200 trucks and trailers, the ship is intended for operation on TT-Line’s route network in the Baltic Sea and will be optimized for efficiency and flexibility, with emissions being reduced by more than 50% compared to the previous generation of RoPax vessels.

The forward-looking dual fuel ship can be powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas). In comparison with diesel fuel, LNG emits less carbon dioxide and burns without smoke. This leads to very low emissions of particulate matter. Furthermore burning LNG is almost entirely free of sulphur and produces very low emissions of nitrogen oxide.

“Sea transportation is the most environmentally efficient way of moving goods. TT-Line will set a new standard in terms of cutting harmful emissions by choosing LNG as a fuel for the innovative TT-Line Green Ship. This innovative and future-oriented TT-Line Green Ship will be the most environmentally friendly RoPax ship in our trading area,” says Bernhard J. Termühlen, Managing Director of TT-Line.

The new TT-Line vessel builds on the successful Green Ship concept of the company and is designed to carry 800 passengers and more than 200 trucks and trailers. While designing the vessel, a particular emphasize was put on flexibility and fast turnarounds in ports.

“We foresee a continued demand growth for short sea services within the Baltic Sea. With this investment we can respond even more effectively to the needs of our customers and support them to grow. At the same time this ship will offer a modern travel experience for our passengers in combining comfort with the best environmentally friendly transport solution,” says Hanns H. Conzen, Managing Director of TT-Line.

The concept design for the new ship was provided by Denmark’s OSK-ShipTech with sister OSK Group member Steen Friis Design contributing to the vessel’s interior design.

“We are proud to contribute to TT-Line’s fleet development and in addition to developing the concept for this new Green Ship we have been responsible for the contract design as well as basic design,” says Anders Ørgård, CCO of OSK Group.

A five-man marine engineering delegation from Jinling Shipyard and representatives of TT-Line are currently visiting OSK-ShipTech’s premises in Copenhagen fine-tuning the ferry’s design.

In addition to fuel efficiency, emission reduction, and fast turn-around in ports, emphasis has been put on passenger comfort and further development of the modern sea travel experience. Ship interior designer Steen Friis Design has contributed to the interior concept.

“This is a prime example of synergy in action and the very reason OSK-ShipTech bought Steen Friis Design back in 2016,” says Ørgård. “With this setup, we can provide our clients with full-line in-house engineering and design solutions – and provide the full integration of ship design with focus on on-board spending and on-board flow leading to enhanced passenger experiences.”


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