Scandlines orders zero emissions freight ferry

Written by Nick Blenkey
Zero-emissions freight ferry

In zero emissions mode, ferry has crossing time of one hour on Puttgarten/Rødby route.

Scandlines has entered into a contract with Cemre Shipyard, Turkey, to build an emissions-free freight ferry for its route between Puttgarden, Germany, and Rødby, Denmark.

The vessel will be built as a battery hybrid, but will operate on the crossing in all-electric mode. It will enter service on the route in 2024 following extension of a 50 kV / 25 MW power cable to the ferry berths in Rødby, where a transformer and charging station will be installed. Initially, it will charge only in Rødby. In the longer run, the plan is to also be able to charge in Puttgarden when Scandlines finds a good solution for the purchase of green energy.

The vessel has a capacity of 66 freight units, which increases the current capacity on the route by 23 percent.

It will be possible to transport trucks on both the upper and lower decks. This will require Berth 3 in Rødby and Berth 1 in Puttgarden to be rebuilt to be able to also load trucks on the upper deck. At the same time, a new lorry storage area will be established in the terminal of Puttgarden.

When operating emissions-free, the ferry’s crossing time on the route is one hour. It can also be operated as a hybrid, like the current passenger ferries on the Scandlines routes between Germany and Denmark. As a hybrid ferry, the crossing time is 45 minutes. Thus, the ferry can also be used as a backup ferry if one the four double-ended ferries that are currently operating the Puttgarden-Rødby route, is in the yard.

The modular construction of the vessel makes it possible for it to be later adapted to also carry cars, giving Scandlines flexibility, both in terms of future technology and needs.

”Scandlines has for several years focused on the entire area of sustainability,” says Vagn Sørensen, chairman of Scandlines’ supervisory board. “The hybrid system was a quantum leap in green ferry operations. Scandlines not only operates the world’s largest fleet of hybrid ferries, the system is also being copied worldwide and has been a huge success. Now we are ready to take the next big step and insert the first zero emission ferry. The next generation of ferries is ready to take over on the Puttgarden-Rødby route/”

Vessel particulars:

  • Length: 147.4 meters
  • Breadth: 25.4 meters
  • Design draft: 5.30 meters
  • Freight capacity: 66 freight units (abt. 1,200 lane meterss)
  • Max. number of passengers: 140
  • Service speed: 18 knots
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