MSC Cruises in LOI on e-LNG procurement

Written by Nick Blenkey
MSC Cruises’ MSC Euribia being bunkered with LNG by Gasum: the two companies have big plans for e-LNG

MSC Cruises’ MSC Euribia being bunkered with LNG by Gasum: the two companies have big plans for e-LNG [Image: MSC Cruises]

MSC Cruises is already looking beyond fossil LNG. In parallel with signing a long term agreement with Gasum for the supply of LNG to its new flagship MSC Euribia, it has signed a letter of intent with the Finnish state-owned energy company on the supply of synthetic e-LNG made with renewable energy. This is part of MSC Cruise’s strategy to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its marine operations by 2050.

Synthetic LNG, or e-LNG, is produced using hydrogen, created by hydrolysis with renewable energy, and captured CO2. Gasum and MSC Cruises say they are creating an actionable roadmap for cutting emissions in MSC’s cruise operations with deliveries of sizable volumes of several thousand tons of e-LNG starting in 2026.

The just-signed supply agreement will see Gasum supply conventional LNG for MSC Euribia until the e-LNG supply comes on stream. Using LNG eliminates nearly all sulfur oxide and particle emissions, greatly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the technology on board MSC Euribia enables MSC Cruises to switch at any time to fully renewable liquefied biogas (bio-LNG) or synthetic gas (e-LNG) in order to reach greenhouse gas net emissions reductions of up to 100%.

MSC Euribia recently demonstrated that emissions neutral cruising is already possible today by sailing the first ever net zero greenhouse gas emissions cruise voyage using liquefied biogas procured by Gasum. The ship sailed for four days from Saint-Nazaire in France to Copenhagen, Denmark, and utilized bio-LNG with a mass-balance approach, the most environmentally efficient method of delivering the benefits of renewable biogas.

MSC Cruises purchased over 400 tons of bio-LNG from Gasum for the pioneering net zero voyage. The line says it is the industry’s first deep sea ocean cruise operator to buy bio-LNG as a fuel source that allows significant lifecycle emissions reductions.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Gasum on our journey to net zero greenhouse gas emissions,” said Linden Coppell, vice president of sustainability and ESG for MSC Cruises. ”Securing a reliable supply of LNG and e-LNG is of critical importance to our decarbonization efforts, and the LOI and long-term agreement that we have announced today are significant steps on that journey. Partnering with Gasum will enable us to access new and cleaner fuels needed to make net zero cruising a reality. We need more suppliers like Gasum to step up and support our industry with its environmental targets. We are ready and waiting to buy more of these new fuels.”

“As an alternative fuel supplier dedicated to the energy transition, Gasum is proud to offer support to MSC Cruises, a major maritime player, in their quest to improve the environmental footprint of their operations. At the same time MSC Cruises is supporting the development of the most promising alternative fuel by proving a demand for it,” said Gasum CEO Mika Wiljanen. “This LOI on e-LNG is a landmark agreement for the shipping industry as it demonstrates that e-LNG will be available to the maritime transport sector within a short timeframe. We are also very happy about the long-term LNG supply agreement which we believe is the start of long-lasting cooperation.”

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