A2SEA wind turbine installer to get Siemens equipment

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siemwindmicroChina’s COSCO (Nantong) Shipyard Group Co., Ltd. has commissioned Siemens Marine Solutions  to equip a new wind turbine installation vessel with diesel electric propulsion systems, power supply equipment and an integrated automation system.

Delivery of the self-propelled jack-up vessel is scheduled for July 2012. This is Siemens’ first installation of a diesel electric propulsion and automation system on a wind turbine installation vessel. The order is worth around 5 million euros. 

The final customer is A2SEA A/S, a supplier of installation services for the construction of offshore wind farms in which Siemens hold a 49 percent stake. The other 51 percent is held by Danish power company DONG Energy.


To be named “SEA INSTALLER,” the jack-up vessel optimized to operate at water depths of up to 45 meters and will therefore be well-suited for the installation of upcoming offshore wind projects in the U.K. as well as in other offshore wind markets. Built for operations in tidal areas and difficult soil conditions, it will be able to carry eight to ten complete wind turbines at a time. This is significantly more than the capacity of the vessels which are currently available in the market.

Siemens will provide the main generators and distribution transformers for the MV (medium voltage) onboard power supply, the switchgear and the power management system.

The scope of supply also includes the MV thruster transformers, the frequency converters and the motors for the main azimuth thrusters. Siemens will also provide the MV constant speed drive system for the bow tunnel thruster and the retractable azimuth thruster.

The ship’s automation system SISHIP IMAC will perform monitoring, alarm and control functions for the electrical equipment on board. Siemens is also responsible for project management, engineering and commissioning of the entire diesel electrical propulsion system. All systems and components used are part of the “SISHIP” solution platform from Siemens.

April 1, 2011

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