Ulstein delivers first PSV of new PX121 design

Written by Nick Blenkey

Blue_Fighter_microNorway’s Ulstein Verft has delivered M/V Blue Fighter to Blue Ship Invest, another company within the Ulstein Group. The ship is the first of two medium-sized platform supply vessels (PSV) of Ulstein’s new PX121 design.

“The two vessels were ordered based on market trends showing a future increase in demand for this type of PSV,” says Gunvor Ulstein, CEO of Ulstein Group and Managing Director of Ulstein Shipping. “We have entered into an agreement with Remøy Shipping for the management of Blue Fighter and we are negotiating interesting contracts for the ship. In the first instance the vessel will enter the North Sea spot market.”

“The delivery of the first PX121 confirms Ulstein Verft’s ability to build prototype vessels,” says Karsten Sævik, Managing Director of Ulstein Verft. “Experienced people, streamlined processes and a well-established project organisation make us a competitive and reliable shipbuilding partner for advanced offshore support vessels.”


Efficiency and flexibility has been the focus of the development of the PX121 design. With optimized tank capacities and flexible and segregated tank arrangements, the multifunctional vessel is suitable for many types of supply contracts. The ship is optimized for certain types of operations and adapted to the requirements for longer and deeper boreholes and activities further from shore. In addition to tanks for oil, water and drilling fluids, the vessel has four stainless steel tanks for flammable liquids. 

The vessel is built with the X-Bow hull line design, offering efficiency over a wide draft range. This is important for PSVs as they frequently operate with varying loads. The X-Bow also offers advantages in terms of motion and propulsion efficiency in heavy seas.

Both the hull and choice of propulsion system make the vessel particularly suited for North Sea and North Atlantic conditions. The vessel is equipped with a dynamic positioning system IMO Class II.

The hull form, with the X-Bow, combined with diesel electric propulsion system, ensures the best performances with regard to fuel consumption, sea keeping, station keeping, and speed. The main propulsion system comprises two azimuth pulling thrusters, each driven by frequency controlled variable speed electric motor. One retractable azimuth thruster and one side thruster forward are installed, enablinging the vessel to obtain the best station keeping capabilities

The ship has a length of 83.4 m and a beam of 18 m It has a cargo deck of 875 sq.m and a load capacity of 4,200 dwt. The ship meets the requirements of DNV’s Clean Design notation and is prepared for fire-fighting class Fi-Fi II. It has a maximum speed of about 15 knots and accommodations for 24 persons.

Ulstein Power & Control has delivered a substantial amount of equipment to the vessel, including switchboards, the information and communication system, the navigation system and the integrated automation system.

Blue Fighter’s sister vessel will be delivered from the shipyard in the third quarter of 2012.

January 19, 2012

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